Real Estate in Berlin

Where to Invest in Trendy Real Estate in Berlin

As a multicultural melting pot many are now choosing Berlin as the place to be. As its home to dance temples, nightclubs and a mixture of cocktail bars and restaurants, Berlin is quickly growing in popularity amongst the young and fashionable. Here’s a low down of the best places to live for the fashion savvy amongst us.


Cosmopolitan and multicultural this district is the epitome of fashionable living however it does exude a bohemian atmosphere. Sporting a range of high class restaurants and elite cocktail bars, this district is in the epicentre of Berlin and perfect for those buying Berlin property that enjoy the modern lifestyle.

Prenzlauer Berg

This district could be the twin of Kruezberg as its melting pot of nationalities and trendy shopping streets make it a must for families, couples and singles that adore a busy and varied life.


This district is famed for its artisan appeal, with a myriad of bookshops, cafes and restaurants it is the perfect place for students and families as it boasts some of the best landmarks of Berlin.


This district is perfect for the trendy individual or couple as it offers the ultimate in modern living. Housing a range of nightclubs, the community is rich with trendy people that are famed for thinking outside the box. As well as the nightlife which includes the dance temple of the Metropol at Nollendorfplatz, an unspoken tradition occurs every Saturday before 2pm when originals from the district take an easy shopping trip under the protection of sunglasses signifying their good time the night before.

No matter what your style there is an area to suit you with its antiquarian shops, outlandish clothes shops and daring designs; it is the place to see and be seen and a must for anyone considering investing in real estate in Berlin.

The multi-cultural atmosphere also lends itself well to the myriad of fine restaurant experiences on offer, from Indian cuisine to bars and restaurants that open at breakfast time helping you recover from the party lifestyle.


Perfect for those on a low budget but still enjoy the party lifestyle, this district is popular with students. The range of nightclubs along with the lower priced housing ensures a good mix of styles and music tastes. A popular venue is the American inspired amusement complex that is home to four floors of disco. A cost effective way to invest in real estate in Berlin, this district is perfect for everyone.


Home to the Olympic Stadium, many universities and the Institute of technology, this provides the perfect mix for students and families of all nationalities. Formerly a borough it is now part of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf with the Kurfustendamn running through the area.


The most popular destination for tourists, Mitte has been described as having the one of the most beautiful town squares in Europe. The many cathedrals, theatres and opera houses make it an affluent but enriching place to reside. Steeped in stories, when you invest in Berlin property in this district you can be sure your home comes with its own unique history.