Apartments in Berlin

The Benefits of Buying a Berlin Apartment

There are many advantages to buying a Berlin apartment, and many investors are now realising the appeal of this vibrant cosmopolitan city.

Since the fall of the Berlin wall, berlin has steadily grown into a diverse, multicultural city that boasts the perfect party lifestyle along with offering the ultimate in modern suburban living for families. Each district has its own benefits providing something for everyone from the working classes and students to the elite exclusive members of society.

The beautiful landscapes, squares and shopping areas are not to be sniffed at, as with excellent transport links Berlin offers all of the convenience and contemporary living of London without the hefty price tag. It is this fact alone that makes investing in berlin apartments a wonderful way to secure future income as only now are property prices gently increasing to match the quality of life they promote.

Buy to Invest

When you invest in a Berlin apartment you will be surprised at what is on offer for your money. With prices so low you can buy an apartment or a whole apartment block that is seconds away from the shopping centre, rail station and trendy bars and restaurants that pepper all of Berlin’s twelve districts.

You can be sure your investment will also be as fully protected as it would be if you buying here in the UK, and as the trend increases for more Berliners to purchase property where they have previously rented, the housing market is set to boom.

Buy to Rent

Renting is the most popular form of living in Berlin, with only 18% of inhabitants choosing to buy their homes. This makes any apartment in berlin a sound investment as there are always tenants waiting for available apartments. Foreign investors are now seizing this opportunity, and now you can also gain a slice of the action for a tenth of what you would pay in a major UK city.

Tourists are also rushing to Berlin, now enjoying the scenery and spots that have previously been hidden from view, many choose to spend their holidays here taking in the architecture, culture and shopping opportunities. Buying a Berlin apartment to let as a holiday home has never been a better choice.

Buy to Live

Each district of Berlin boasts an enviable style of living, as now many cultures are choosing here as the place to party, study or raise a family. Steeped in history there are many canals, waterways and parks that make a great day out for families whilst the influx of trendy bars and restaurants provide a nightlife that is hard to beat.

Culture too is rife, with bookshops, antiquarian furniture and museums, along with Botanical gardens, opera houses and dance temples, ensuring no matter how you like to relax and unwind, Berlin will be able to provide.