German Mortgages

German Mortgages

You are a German non-resident and you would like to invest in Germany property. At Buy Berlin as part of our one stop shop we can offer our clients very flexible and competitive solutions to secure low interest rate German mortgages.

Working with our German mortgage brokers we are able to guide you through the application, all the documents are in easy to understand English. In normal circumstances we are able to provide a written offer for your German property purchase within 7 days.

Whether you are purchasing an existing property or a new development, we can offer you a mortgage of up to 70 % of the purchase price, a higher loan is only available for domestic buyers.

General terms are on individual apartments a loan of up to 54 per cent of the value of your property up to 340,000EUR and the possibility of 70% when the value is above this, with the minimum loan being 25,000EUR. When purchasing a block of apartments then 70% is also possible.

The interest rates are fixed (Rates are extremely low in Germany) with a flexible repayment rate between 1% and 10% which can be changed in anyone year allowing you to pay off the mortgage quicker, the choice is yours.

Finance is Subject to Status and a signed application form, a proof of income, for example tax declaration or pay slips and a proof of your deposit.

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