Property in Berlin

The Best Districts to Invest in for Berlin Property

Famed for its unique history and known as the biggest city in Germany Berlin encompasses twelve separate districts each with its own advantages when choosing property in Berlin. Now more than ever more and more families are choosing property in Berlin as they appreciate the wonderful landscapes, easy living and low cost property market.

This quick guide will give you an idea of the districts suited to your family lifestyle, boasting a mixture of culture, peace, quiet and parklands.


A more traditional district it is said to be the heart and mouth of the working classes. Still sporting sections of the Berlin wall it is most famous for its museum that documents the tunnelling that was attempted by many seeking to escape. It resonates with original character with many of the Berlin properties still sporting coal fired heating, although more modern buildings have since being built, it is still a desirable place to live for many cultures including Turkish and Arabic.


Tiergarten translates as the Animal Garden and is an ideal location for families, not least for its large park. It is also perfect for commuters as a system of rail tunnels run underneath the pleasant park making it accessible to all districts. The fact that the German president chooses to reside in this district should signify its appeal as one of the quieter traditional areas with its unique sculptures and tree lined walk ways.


The industrial nature of this district has made it popular with families, as steady work is available and the quiet suburbs ensure an ideal setting for raising children. It’s quieter in recent years due to the closure of the airport, but is still easily accessible by rail or car.


Steglitz has a love for all things green, with a Botanical Garden that houses over 20,000 species its garden nature extends to the suburbs that many families inhabit. It has amazing access t the city centre through rail and car, and is favoured by many as a tranquil cultural place to live.


This district is surrounded in over a quarter of a century of history, with perfect commuting to the city centre, it is popular with families. There are many square in which to relax and unwind along with a huge shopping avenue named after Karl Marx. Its architecture is to be revered as the character of the original village sits inside an urban jungle. The Southside contrasts to the North with canals and waterways ideal for family picnics and strolls, whereas the Opera house is ideal for those rare nights out for mum and dad!


The ultimate in suburban living, this district is where every Berliner would like to reside, with its grand scenery, wonderful architecture and peacock gardens, it really is the place to be for a peaceful life. The Berlin property here consists of exclusive villas and apartments that boast style and chic, whilst holiday makers often make their way to summer resorts around the Wannsee Lake and the Grunweld Forest. Peppered with culture, museums and galleries, it is home to some of the best scenery in Berlin, with mansions and woodlands that make property owners feel part of an exclusive community. A wonderful place to raise a family, every day off will be a good one for those who can afford to choose a property in this district.