S41: City Flair - Between Compact and Spacious

10553 Berlin-Moabit

S41 is one of the first new residential buildings in this up-and-coming area - and therefore an attractive property in an exciting neighborhood with many faces. The living rooms are lively places. Clever floor plans offer plenty of space for family get-togethers and, at the same time, opportunities to retreat in modern architecture that combines the industrial charm of the area and the fulfillment of high living standards. The street facade is clad with elaborate clinker brick slips. Together with the wooden windows, they ensure a comfortable living environment, and their appearance is a perfect match for the nearby harbor area.

Project Description

- 23 condominiums with 2 to 5 rooms from 57 to 125 m² - Apartment on the ground floor with terrace - All penthouse apartments with 2 roof terraces - Balconies in all apartments from the 1st to the 5th floor - Each apartment has its own basement - Room height of approx. 2.70 m, on the ground floor approx. 3 m - Noble real wood parquet floors in all apartments - Over 50% of the apartments are barrier-free - Communal outdoor area with path and lighting concept as well as green planting concept - Community garden with seating and play areas - 2 comfortable passenger elevators - Warm floors thanks to underfloor heating in all apartments - Additional radiators in the bathrooms - High-quality stoneware tiles in the bathrooms and toilets

Project Location

Moabit is like an island: surrounded by waterways and the western harbor in the north. Located near the canal bank and the border with Charlottenburg. Everything is in motion in this area, different cultures, industrial charm and modern housing. The 23 bridges that connect Moabit with the rest of Berlin are a symbol of building bridges between cultures. Moabit is surrounded by canals, the different banks of which prove how much variety the area around Sickingen has to offer. If you go for a walk on the green strip on the edge of the Spree, you can discover cafés, beer gardens and international restaurants. The Westhafen enchants with nostalgic industrial romance and its warehouses and market halls, in which wholesalers offer their goods. There are numerous parks along the canals, such as the royal gardens of Charlottenburg Palace. You can get to the neighboring districts via one of the 23 bridges, each of which tells its own architectural story and offers a very individual view of the riverbank panorama. Moabit has many bridges - and even more beautiful views. One is the one from the 60-meter-long historic Gotzkowsky Bridge, from which one looks directly at the modern steel-and-glass facade of the buildings on the Viking Bank. Various international dishes are offered a few corners away. Individual shops and wholesalers sell almost door to door - next to the shopping center is the small flower shop with its original café. Cultural associations and churches organize meetings and invite you to exchange ideas. Those who live here live with the times and can experience the entire colorful diversity of the city anew every day.

Units 23
Sizes 97-123 m²
Rooms 3-5
Price From 533,000 €

The Apartments (11 Units)

BB574.05 1 3.00 101.32 m² 533,000 € Reserved
BB574.08 2 3.00 97.73 m² 545,000 € Reserved
BB574.09 2 3.00 101.32 m² 555,000 € Free
BB574.12 3 3.00 97.44 m² 565,000 € Free
BB574.13 3 3.00 101.34 m² 579,000 € Free
BB574.16 4 3.00 97.68 m² 595,000 € Free
BB574.17 4 3.00 101.34 m² 605,000 € Free
BB574.18 5 4.00 106.00 m² 685,000 € Free
BB574.20 5 3.00 97.73 m² 625,000 € Free
BB574.21 5 3.00 101.34 m² 639,000 € Free
BB574.22 6 5.00 122.91 m² 855,000 € Free